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    CL-LMR.C18AC2 Logic relay 100-240VAC, 12I/6O, relay
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    The CL-LMR.C18AC2 is a logic relay from the CL range. It has 12 digital inputs and 6 relay outputs. 4 digital inputs can be used as analog inputs. The logic relay operates with an input voltage of 100-240 V AC and is equipped with an onboard display and a keypad. It offers the possibility of connecting local and remote expansions via CL-LINK. 128 rungs with 3 contacts in series plus 1 coil can be programmed. The following functions are available: 16 freely editable display texts, 8 week and 8 year timers, 16 multifunction timing relays, 4 operating hours counters, 16 analog value comparators and threshold value switches