T360 System 800xA with AC 800M

Course description
System 800xA with AC 800M
Basic Engineering for Channel Partners

Course goal

The goal of this workshop is to learn the engineering workflow of a complete automation project using the Extended Automation System 800xA with AC 800M controllers. The participants will learn to identify the critical issues and will gain the basic knowledge to start a project in an efficient manner. It is highly recommended to utilize the ABB technical coaching after this course in order to implement best practices.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course the participants will be able to:

n  Identify the critical issues with respect to an efficient engineering workflow in 800xA

n  Create a new control project and plan the structure of application programs

n  Select the suitable existing building blocks and describe the necessary steps to develop project specific libraries

n  Configure basic control applications by using a variety of IEC 61131-3 languages

n  Describe the principles to integrate other devices with various communication protocols

n  Configure simple graphic displays, faceplates and operator workplaces

n  Identify the critical issues to manage, structure and configure alarm and events

n  Configure historical data logging and trends

n  Describe the principles of user security

n  Backup / restore System 800xA data

n  Describe the steps to use bulk data handling

Participant profile

This training is targeted to project and technical sales support engineers from ABB channel partners.


Students shall have working experience with Control Systems and have basic knowledge of Windows XP and networking technologies. The e-learning course T360e must have been completed upfront.



n  Engineering workflow

n  AC 800M hardware configuration

n  Available libraries

n  Variables and data types

n  IEC 61131-1 applications

n  Control modules

n  Sequential Function Charts (SFC)